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Oregon Zoo, Portland

4001 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland, OR 97221
Website: oregonzoo.org

The Oregon Zoo, formerly the Washington Park Zoo is located two miles (3.2 km) southwest of Downtown Portland. The zoo is inside Portland's Washington Park, and includes the narrow gauge Washington Park & Zoo Railway that connects to the International Rose Test Garden inside the park. Opened in 1888 after a private animal collector donated his animals to the City of Portland, the 64-acre (26 ha) zoo is now owned by the regional Metro government.

Wildlife Safari, Winston

1790 Safari Road, Winston, OR 97496
Website: http://www.wildlifesafari.net

Wildlife Safari is a safari park in Winston, Oregon, United States. It is home to hundreds of animals that wander freely over the 600-acre (240 ha) park, which guests can drive through. The park also includes a walkthrough exhibit displaying some of the park's smaller animals. It has Oregon's only African elephants and maned wolves as of 2009.

West Coast Game Park Safari, Bandon

Bandon, OR

The West Coast Game Park Safari is a walk-through safari park in Bandon, Oregon, United States. It opened in 1968, and includes snow leopards, lions, Bengal tigers, emu, capybara, and cougars. In addition, the park has a petting zoo and captive breeding program, including endangered species such as the snow leopard. They sell and loan big cats to other parks and zoos.

Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport

2820 SE Ferry Slip Road, Newport, OR 97365-5269
Website: http://www.aquarium.org

Trek along the rocky shores of the Oregon Coast Aquarium as sea otters, harbor seals and sea lions romp among the rocks and in the water below. Enjoy the sights and sounds of tufted puffins, rhinoceros auklets, pigeon guillemots and common murres as they frolic in the rocky pools and cliffs of the Aquarium’s outdoor seabird aviary. Encounter sharks, rays and other denizens of the deep as you immerse yourself in Passages of the Deep, which features an underwater tunnel that snakes through three ocean habitats. With large viewing windows built into the floor, you’ll enjoy nearly 360-degree views of wolf eels, rockfishes, giant Pacific octopuses, bat rays and a variety of sharks. Discover the world of underwater archaeology in the Aquarium’s newest exhibit, Secrets of Shipwrecks: Part History. Part Mystery. This historic and participatory exhibit that captures the spirit of archaeological adventure. This is not about discovering sunken cities of gold or pirate’s booty.

Great Cats World Park, Cave Junction

27919 Redwood Highway, Cave Junction, OR 97523
Website: www.greatcatsworldpark.com

Great Cats World Park is a big cat zoo. It is located a few miles south of Cave Junction, Oregon, United States. It is owned and managed by Craig Wagner. He and a select few staff members involve themselves personally in the raising of the cats: feeding them, training them and sometimes sleeping with them as babies. Its mission is to educate the public about all types of wild cat species to increase conservation and awareness. The park's breeding projects involve the Amur Leopard, a highly endangered cat that will most likely be extinct from the wild in the near future, and the White Tiger, a cat whose genetic diversity is highly threatened by only a captive gene pool.

Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport

2030 SE Marine Science Dr, Newport, OR 97365
Website: http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/visitor-center
Opened in 1965, the Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center is the public education wing of the HMSC. The visitor center's exhibits focus on marine species, marine research, and the coastal environment. Live marine animals on display include a Giant Pacific Octopus. Other exhibits focus on weather, tsunami, commercial fishing, ocean resource management, microscopic sea life, and tide-pool creatures and habitats. The visitor center offers public programs and tours and is open year-round. Admission is by donation.

Seaside Aquarium

Portland Aquarium

Cascades Raptor Center

32275 Fox Hollow Rd, Eugene, OR 97405
Website: www.eraptors.org
The center is permanent home to about 60 birds representing 33 species of raptors. In 2014, nearly 300 injured birds were treated at the center. Species at the center represent most of the raptor species found in Oregon, and include barn owl, barred owl, burrowing owl, great grey owl, great horned owl, long-eared owl, northern pygmy owl, northern saw-whet owl, northern spotted owl, short-eared owl, snowy owl, western screech owl, turkey vulture, bald eagle, golden eagle, osprey, Cooper's hawk, ferruginous hawk, northern goshawk, northern harrier, red-shouldered hawk, red-tailed hawk, rough-legged hawk, Swainson's hawk, American crow, black-billed magpie, raven, American kestrel, merlin, gyrfalcon, peregrine falcon, prairie falcon, and white-tailed kite.

Sea Lion Caves